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Nutricur was launched as a way to bridge the gap between nutrition and health. 

We source the best quality ingredients and turn them into high-end bioavailable supplements at the most affordable price possible, we are often not the cheapest but we do strive to be the best quality.

Dr. David Morris Nutricur's Medical Director

Dr David Morris - known as Dr David to us - is the driving force behind the sourcing and composition of our food supplement formulas.

Dr David is a General Practitioner for the NHS based in Cumbria and holds a strong belief in building health by laying down a strong nutritional foundation. This led him to study Integrative Medicine, an approach taking into account the person as a cohesive whole including mind body and spirit. It makes use of all appropriate therapies - both conventional and alternative.

Dismayed at how big Pharma companies have a grip on the conventional medicine he has actively sought out more cost-effective natural solutions and remedies like vitamins and supplements... which in turn has led to the birth of Nutricur.com

You can find his blog here