My mission for this site is to provide solutions to turn around modern day ill health. The aim is to guide you through all the conflicting information you may have... and provide you with healthy, accessible solutions.

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In a perfect world…
If you are sick and need to see your doctor, or indeed if you want to have advice on keeping well, then when you consult with your doctor they would:

Be fully up to date in all the options available to you with evidence that these work.

Use an approach that empowers you to maximise your health and well-being.

Not just include conventional drug treatments but advice on all lifestyle actions, nutrition and appropriate complementary therapies

In the real world…
No doubt that the vast majority of doctors and health care professionals are conscientious and have your best interests at heart BUT….

…. despite this in reality we live in a world with ever increasing use of medications and medical technology at more and more expense.

….and yet we have increasing chronic disease, worsening mental health, ever rising obesity with all of its complications and no real improvement in the number of years you will live healthily (healthy life expectancy).

Why is this ?
There have been huge changes in…

The type of food we eat
The amount of exercise we take
Our levels of stress
The use of medication and medical therapies that are potentially harmful
What should your doctor’s role be?

Despite good intentions your doctor is extremely unlikely to have had much or any training in complementary therapies or even basic nutrition.

So it is very unlikely they will know much about other treatments that are available outside of conventional drug treatment. This may be because:

They simply don’t believe in any other approaches to health
But more likely they do not have the capacity or energy to look outside the box
This does not make them bad doctors but many, many doctors are so constrained by time and guidelines that they simply do not have the resources to act otherwise.

And the government and medical experts?

It is important to know that government guidelines and so called expert opinion is deeply and irretrievably distorted by pharmaceutical industry influences.

While appropriate use of prescription medication can be a good thing - indeed sometimes lifesaving - it is worth knowing that prescription medications are the THIRD leading cause of death in the USA and Europe.

The pharmaceutical industry definitely does not want you to find other ways of improving your health, this industry is more than happy with the medicate, medicate and medicate more approach. It is simply more profitable. There are many, many resources you can find demonstrating very clearly the influence, power and potential harms of the pharmaceutical industry if you wish to explore this fascinating subject further. I recommend these two to start you off:


    1. Ben Goldacre “Bad Pharma: How Medicine is Broken, and How We Can Fix It
    2. Peter Gotzche – “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare

In many parts of the world (including the United Kingdom) doctors are penalised financially if they do not slavishly adhere to guidelines - despite them not necessarily being in your individual best health interests.

Oh and just as an aside…. many medical charities receive huge amounts of their funding from drug companies so are understandably unwilling to “bite the hand that feeds them.”

So I believe that where possible - especially where there are safer and more effective alternatives with simple lifestyle changes and appropriate supplements then you should aim to minimise the use of conventional drugs.

About Me
My name is Dr. David Morris. I qualified as a doctor in 1994 and then spent nearly six years in hospital medicine – most of that time in general adult medicine but also in paediatrics and Accident and Emergency. I passed my Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 1998.

In 2000 I moved in to family general practice and I was a GP partner for many years. During this time I was also involved in commissioning health care services.

I have significant training and experience in complementary therapies. For example I successfully ran a primary care based pain clinic for over a decade principally with acupuncture therapies.

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine and continue to spend many hours researching many approaches and therapies to promote good health.

I now work as a freelance General Practitioner in the NHS (in the North West of England) and as an Integrative Medicine Physician.

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative Medicine is an over-arching approach to whole-person care which focuses on:

Health rather than illness
The active involvement of you as an individual in achieving maximum health and well-being - whether you are ill or seeking to prevent illness.
The importance of the therapeutic relationship between you and your health care professional.

Integrative Medicine combines healing from the ‘best of all worlds’, allopathic, complementary, alternative, psychological, spiritual, environmental, nutritional and self-help. It is an approach that is not limited by any particular belief or ideology .

Integrative Medicine is grounded in science and evidence while recognizing the limitations of our understanding of the world and avoiding dogma and narrow minded assessments.

Perhaps most importantly Integrative Medicine aims to -

address the root causes of your health
avoids where possible simply the suppression of symptoms - the “sticking plaster” approach which is how a substantial proportion of conventional medications work.

What about Dr “Google”...?
We are all in the fantastic position of having incredible amounts of information available to us instantly with a few key strokes. I well remember in my medical student days going in to the medical library, laboriously loading up individual years CD roms, searching for key words and then walking off to any one of 6 floors for the journal (if it was stocked), taking it down and dusting it off to read the physical article. If I was lucky enough I might get to photocopy a paper and read it back at home but even then I was better off than students training 10 years before me when even the CD rom did not exist.

So now you can tap into the internet and search away instantly BUT……

there is overwhelmingly huge amounts of information
lots of the information is contradictory
lots of the information is biased.

So what is my philosophy ?
My aim is also to act as your informed and expert guide through the swamps of the internet in my mission to optimise your health! My regular blog is “Does your doctor know? …..” and is a free evidence based resource offering you the possibility of exploring other options that your doctor may not be aware of nor in a position to guide you.

For those of you already with an interest in exploring health outside of conventional thinking then I trust that this will be a further support and guide for you.

For those of you for whom this new approach then a warm welcome to you on your journey to optimal health.

My passion is to practice medicine using an INTEGRATIVE APPROACH and to empower individuals to optimise their own health and well-being.

The origin of the word doctor is “docere” which means “to teach” which tells us the doctor’s role is to help educate you and guide you.

Contradictorily, the origin of the word patient is “passere” which means to be passive or receive.

I do not wish to see you as a patient but as a student so that you can master your own health.


1) Diet and Nutrition
The importance of this cannot be overestimated but – many doctors know little more than the average man in the street which is rather astounding given that the “father” of medicine Hippocrates stated “let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine.

Nutrition affects -

your stress, mood and energy levels
your physical state such as pain level, mobility and ability to exercise
your sleep quality
Many foods (particularly processed foods) create intolerances in our body and limit our chances of optimising your health. Discovering and avoiding these is vital.

Despite excess calories the vast majority of people are deficient in micronutrients such as mineral’s and vitamins - using appropriate foods and supplements to correct this is of key importance.

My strongly held belief is that not dealing with nutrition is like trying to build a house by putting on the roof tiles before digging the foundation. Nutrition may well not be the only intervention required but without addressing it very little else will work.

2) Movement and Exercise
Consistent physical exercise has many health benefits

Exercise affects –

your muscle strength, bone health and heart health
your immune system strength
your energy, mood levels and thinking ability
your sleep
Where and how you exercise is important too! Walking in a “green” environment for only a few minutes can boost your mood more than antidepressants.

Included with movement is the importance of breathing - regular smooth breathing into the belly has numerous health benefits.

3) Connection and “mindfulness”
Living with your attention in the present moment regulates your emotions and improves your physical health.

Connection with a purpose and other people affects –

your mood and emotional responsiveness
your blood pressure, heart health and immune system
Loneliness or lack of purpose in fact can be more dangerous to your health than smoking!

4) Sleep and Rest
Sleep deprivation is the short term or long term lack of sufficient restorative sleep. “ Restorative” sleep refers to sleep that is restful and during which you brain cycles through the levels of sleep appropriately -for example sleep with excessive dreaming is generally not restorative.

Sleep affects –

your heart disease risk and immune system
your weight
your mood
your choices around healthy lifestyle!
your pain threshold
Sleep deprivation appears to have become a way of life for many people with up to 70% of the population reporting insufficient sleep in surveys.

About NUTRICUR – declaration of interest (passion!)
As part of my mission I have co-founded NUTRICUR and I am Nutricur’s Medical Director.

NUTRICUR’s mission is to –

Act as a site of information and learning for you.
Be a resource for appropriate supplements, herbal therapies and other interventions for your use.
We GUARANTEE that any product we recommend is -

Based on evidence that it is beneficial for you
Formulated in the optimum way to maximise its impact
Natural and well tolerated by your body
Dr David Morris

“Take Care Of You"