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Diabetes and Statins - Health Risks

Diabetes and Statins – Health Risks

I am not great fan of statins after years of experience and research - I believe they are significantly overused and at far too high a dose in many, many people.  However, this post is not about statins in general but specifically about statins if you have diabetes or you are at risk of diabetes. For some time it has been known that taking statins increases your risk of developing type2 diabetes - the amount of risk is not that easy to calculate because many studies of statins did not continue…
Vitamin D and Diabetes

Low Vitamin D and Risk of Diabetes

Recent research has demonstrated that low levels of vitamin D and diabetes are strongly linked. Low levels of vitamin D are also associated with a higher risk of being overweight BUT even if you are normal weight then low vitamin D levels are still linked with an increased risk of diabetes. (Ref.1) What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is sometimes known as the sunshine vitamin because we produce it from exposure to the sun. We also get vitamin D from oily fish, liver and eggs but in modern life these are…
Diabetic woman injecting insulin

Got Diabetes? You Must Know This

Everyone knows having diabetes is harmful to you and you can have undiagnosed diabetes causing you harm years before you have any symptoms of being unwell.  So... logic says that that testing people for diabetes and treating them as early as possible is a good thing and should reduce illness and death from diabetes. However…. 1) A recent trial of thousands of people over many years comparing people that were tested against those not tested showed that not only did the screened group not live…