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Risk of Illness and Disease

Risk – Illness and Disease

I am sorry that there have not been very many blog postings of late. Inevitably starting a new blog and having newborn twins at the same time was going to create a clash of time - so welcome back those of you that hung in there - I plan to be posting more regularly in the future. I’d like to write today about RISK …. This might seem to be a strange subject -  but in fact understanding risk - in particular understanding the risk of illness and disease - is vital to our understanding of how…
Diabetes and Statins - Health Risks

Diabetes and Statins – Health Risks

I am not great fan of statins after years of experience and research - I believe they are significantly overused and at far too high a dose in many, many people.  However, this post is not about statins in general but specifically about statins if you have diabetes or you are at risk of diabetes. For some time it has been known that taking statins increases your risk of developing type2 diabetes - the amount of risk is not that easy to calculate because many studies of statins did not continue…